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Retail: the business of continual change

Shops and shopping have become central to people's lives throughout the developed world. Shopping is a social event. a lifestyle choice. a global choice. People who visit global retailers expect the best products at the best price. They look for extensive choice in a store environment that provides a branded experience and a sense of place.

Retail design at its best looks to accommodate the pace of change in our everyday lives.

At Redgoodss, we understand the need to stay ahead of the change curve, constantly refining the retail model of today; creating new brand extensions of tomorrow and new market opportunities; seeking out and creating new markets; redefining the competitive edge; and always challenging the status quo.

Redgoodss' aim is to create a 'New Vision of Retail', based on trend spotting, and focused on providing insights to the future of stores and shopping.

The future is something we understand at Redgoodss. As part of our business proposition we have positioned ourselves to provide our clients with a full service from consultancy, strategic thinking, design development and prototype testing through to the physical build, fit-out and implementation of branded retail experiences. All this is based on solid experience combined with visionary thinking and strategic design leadership.

The world is at a crossroads in terms of retail activity. Shopping patterns are increasingly unpredictable and retailers are constantly seeking new tools to determine what drives shopping decisions. In collaboration with industry leaders sych as Redgoodss clients and partners, Redgoodss has initiated a series of intelligence gathering think tanks. With the knowledge gained from this enterprise, Redgoodss aims to stimulate clients' imagination by identifying what a 'New Vision' is likely to look like, for them, in the future.

'A New Vision of Retail' has become synonymous with Redgoodss' purpose, which is to inspire and challenge through exploration of ideas and aspirations, and work with each client in defining what a 'New Vision' will mean for their business proposition. It is a tried and tested approach, helping clients create great retail experiences by tapping directly into the customer's unexpected and/or unfulfilled desires rather than trying to create artificial demand.

This approach forms the basis for an ongoing collaboration with brands, retailers, developers, entrepreneurs and other interested parties. Through 'A New Vision for Retail', Redgoodss aims to challenge and stimulate, to help retailers innovate, ask questions, invoke a new direction and create new 'big ideas' to assist them in shaping the future, before it shapes them.